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Marjupi GamesTM brings you some great fun games and apps for your mobile phone, pad, or PC. Click or touch the links below to view or download these games and apps. You can contact if you would like to give your feedback on the games or have any suggestions for new games and apps! Have fun!
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Untangle the knot with this knotty puzzle game! This knotty problem is not as easy as it looks! The knot will wiggle about making each level more difficult. There is an easy and a difficult mode depending on how knotty you want the rope to be.You have to be dexterous and have your wits about you. All the knots can be untangled you just need to untangle the rope in the right order.Untangle the rope before the time has run out!
Help! Aliens!
The aim of the game is to kill all the aliens on each level and find the exit. You must collect all the energy rubies to keep your life support up. Each of the missions contains different types of aliens and their robots. Some fly, some crawl and some stomp. You have two types of weapons. A gun and grenades. With the gun you can aim precisely and kill one alien at a time. With the grenades you can kill lots of aliens at once but you only have so many. (And get out of the way fast in case you blow yourself up!!)
Mini Chess
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Can you beat the computer in this small but challenging game of chess? It's harder than it looks! Test your skill and try to outwit the computer. On such a small board any mistake could cost you your life!Play against the computer or against another human being. The aim of the game is to capture the opponent's king. You can move the castles horizontally, the bishop diagonally, the knight two across and one up and the king by one square in any direction.These are classic chess moves yet this simple game is just as tricky as the large board because every move counts!Sometimes you may want to sacrifice a piece in order to win the game. Can you work out how to beat the machine? (It can be done!)This is a game where a beginner at chess could outwit a grandmaster!
Equation Notepad
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Create equations and letter art on the move. Use your mobile phone to create equations. Easy and intuitive 2D navigation system. Useful for taking notes in lectures or to save equations that you can recall at a later time. You can create any sort of equations such as polynomials, tensor equations matrices or anything you can think of since you have total freedom on how to arrange the symbols. You can also create ASCII art using a variety of symbols.One use for this app is to write equations on the train or to store equations to show to your colleagues at a conference. If you think of an equation and just have to write it down you should use this app. It combines the freedom of a 2D grid system with the accuracy of using characters and symbols.Also see the equations as LaTeX or Unicode or as plain text to copy and paste.
Egg Smasher
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Smash all the eggs with swiping gestures. Much like Fruit Ninja in a way. There will be updates to this to make it better.
Fun Chess 3D
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Are you missing Turbo Chess for Windows 8? Try this 3D chess game instead!